General Construction

General Construction

General Construction

Multifamily / Mixed-Use

Collin County Construction offers a comprehensive range of experience and sophistication in planning and development, which translates into great benefits for our partners and investors. Through a collaborative approach, we can ensure that every project is executed in harmony with client specifications and completed within the stipulated timeline and budget. Once executed properly, these projects add vitality to communities by strengthening cultural connections as well as the local economy. Simply put, our view is that successful multifamily or mixed-use projects are ultimately about creating living spaces that meet the needs of today’s renters while also making financial sense for the owners.

Retail and Restaurant

Our experience in the retail and hospitality worlds has given us a distinct set of planning, construction, and project management skills that provides us incomparable insight and results. Our expert team specializes in creating the optimal environment for your business, which enables us to put all the pieces together for a finished product that really shines. Whether you are building from the ground up or building out an existing space, we can design and construct the facility you need. Our knowledge and expertise in this fast-paced environment, combined with our passion for customer satisfaction, allow us to deliver quality and efficiency on every project.

Office Buildings

Build the workplace of the future that’s designed for functionality, practicality, and flexibility to accommodate changing technology. Collin County Construction will help you bring your vision to reality with our lean practices for planning, scheduling, and executing work, and the ability to work collaboratively with clients and specialists. 

Office Build-Outs

Build-out or renovate your existing commercial space to create the optimal work environment you need. 

New Office Construction

Create a quality office space to help your business achieve its full operational potential.
Factors to consider when starting your new office construction project:
  • Required number of offices/rooms
  • Type of urban spaces (private, semi-private, open)
  • Amenities to include
  • Lobby size to accommodate traffic
  • Designation of private and public restrooms
  • Storage space
  • Regional building and zoning codes
  • Required indoor & outdoor parking spaces

Warehouse and Flex Space

Warehouse Construction

Warehouse design demands the integration of new advancements in inventory control and other types of automation. At CCC, we offer suggestions based on your needs and the best building type that fits your business and budget. Whether you need a building as simple as a basic “big box” or as complex as an integrated facility that supports commercial and industrial functions, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the quality building you need.

Flex Space Construction

A flex space is a facility designed to accommodate a wide range of businesses and business activities. Collin County Construction's diverse experience with warehouses, office buildings, distribution centers, call centers, and other types of facilities allows us to build highly successful flex spaces that meet our clients' needs every day.

Water Damage Restoration

Dealing with devastating water damage or flooding in your home or business? These issues often happen unexpectedly, disrupting your daily operations and leaving you to deal with the aftermath of a burst pipe or extreme natural disasters. 

Quick and diligent water damage restoration is essential for your property. Waiting too long to seek help can lead to many other issues that can be harmful to your health, such as mold.

What to Do Before Water Damage Professionals Arrive

  • If this damage is a result of a busted pipe, make sure to turn off the water at the source to avoid more flooding.
  • Make sure to remove as much water as possible by mopping and wiping down affected areas.
  • Keep windows open to speed up the drying process. It is important to allow your home to dry as quickly as possible to avoid any potential mold issues.
  • Remove photos, art, or any other pieces that you may have hanging on the walls.
  • Remove all area rugs and floor mats from the area.
  • Lift curtains and drapery from the floor.
  • Remember to open cabinet doors, drawers, and closets to make sure that they have an opportunity to dry as well.

What to avoid:

  • Use caution when walking on wet surfaces as they can be slippery and may lead to potential injury.
  • DO NOT plug or unplug anything to or from the outlets.
  • Do not use electronics such as televisions, ceiling fans, lights, computers, etc.

Sports Facility

CCC provides extensive, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions using only the highest quality materials and workmanship for the development of your sports facilities. Our team of reliable and experienced professionals will be with you every step of the process and ensure that all requirements are met within your budget and contracted schedule.

We’ll partner with you to help you achieve your vision of creating a space to promote a healthier and more active lifestyle. With CCC, you can provide your community with a fitness center designed to meet the demands of fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike.
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Here at Collin County Construction, we pride ourselves on the longevity of our staff and our repeat clientele. We’re successful general contractors in both areas because we believe that people rank highest in importance. Our clients deserve the best work, which is why we only hire, train, and grow the best people for the job.

With our professional, reliable, and highly skilled team members, you’re confident that your projects are in good hands!

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